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Find Your Audience, Understand Your Audience With Twitter Advance Search

According to Statista, there are 76.9 million active users in North America. Which means there is an abundance of leads for anyone who takes the time and effort to grow. The difficulty is finding the leads that will give you the best ROI amongst the 76.9 million users (even more if you expand to other countries). Luckily, Twitter developed their advance search feature to help do exactly that. With Twitter’s advance search feature, you are able to narrow your potential leads to fit your marketing goals.

One of the many features of Twitter’s advance search is the ability to utilize keywords to see which topics are essential to people.

For instance, according to The Conversation Twitter Trends 2021 Report, keywords such as, “restoring,” “greenwashing,” and “climate migration” are being used among the number one trending community, which is the people who are concerned with healing the planet.

By keeping up-to-date with what your audience is saying, you are also able to speedily act and invest into their concerns and desires. Such as, informing your audience that your 5-year-goal is to reduce energy consumption by 25%. This in turn, shows your audience the time and energy you are putting into their desires and concerns.

This level of understanding is essential because it allows business to investigate which communities are easily consolable. Additionally, by searching for the most popular hashtags, anyone who wishes to discover new keywords need only to explore prominent communities and learn the native dialect.

Twitter’s advance search also contain many other features, allowing searches by demographics, such as gender, location, plus additional in depth categories to help you narrow down your target audience.

Why is Twitter Advance Search Critical For Your business

The component that needs to be mastered in order to achieve success is time. By understanding your audience, you are able to plan efficient strategies, and solidify a firm foundation in the digital market. By taking an active initiative through the learning of the targeted audience most up-to-date wants and concerns, you are able to accumulate followers, engage with them on a personal level, which will increase the brand loyalty.

Thereby, increasing traffic to your domain, and the willingness for others to support your brand.

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