An online class is a twist on the regular in-person cooking session where you directly interact with the chef. Online cooking classes are entirely virtual from your kitchen and with your ingredients, and you interact with the chef through a monitor.

If attending one for the first time, here is how to prepare for the class.

Plan Properly

Like any other class, you should prepare adequately before the lesson begins. If you are attending an online cooking class, the most important thing to remember is to plan.

As a group or individual, the chef will tell you beforehand when the class will start to help you free your time since it is a live session. Also, remember to arrive very early to avoid last-minute rushes when everyone else is ready.

Gather and Prepare the Ingredients

The chef will know what you will prepare and list all the ingredients you need. You should review all of them in time and go shopping for them at least a day before the session.

If unsure, you can always ask for a way out or a substitute if unavailable. You can also clean vegetables before going straight to chopping and slicing as the recipe instructs during the class.

Have Everything Else Ready

As the French say, “Mise En Plas,” meaning you should prepare all the items you need before you start cooking. It is advisable to place things in front of you to organize them and make them easily accessible when you need them.

You can go through the list of items from the chef, then buy and place them neatly in front of you. Try to organize them in bowls and jars instead of leaving the session to look for missing items. It saves time and makes cooking more fun.

Check the Internet and Camera Angle

Since online cooking classes entirely depend on your camera, it is crucial to check your angles and internet connections. Before the meeting, you can practice with your friend to check how your camera works and see which between your computer and phone has a better quality.

You can also learn how to look better in virtual meetings to find the angles that work best for you. Lastly, don’t forget to confirm that your internet works to avoid buffering and screen freezing due to poor internet connections.

Ready To Learn?

If you want to feel comfortable and learn better online, the most vital tip is always to be prepared. Gather all the ingredients and cooking items if you wish to go in step with the chef and avoid wasting time. It is also essential to set the camera properly and confirm that you have a strong internet connection.

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