1. What are the different classifications of automobiles?
  2. Explain the basic structure of a vehicle and its components.
  3. What is the layout of a conventional type vehicle with a front engine and rear-wheel drive?
  4. What are the dimensions of a vehicle and why are they important?
  5. Define minimum ground clearance and its significance in a vehicle.
  6. What is the minimum turning radius of a vehicle and why is it important?
  7. What is the function of a chassis in an automobile?
  8. Discuss the main features of a frame in an automobile.
  9. What are the considerations for frame construction in terms of strength, stiffness, and weight?
  10. How does a frameless construction differ from a framed construction in automobiles?
  11. Explain the concept of streamlining in relation to the body of a vehicle.
  12. Why is body alignment important in an automobile?
  13. Describe the principle and construction details of a single-plate clutch.
  14. Discuss the construction and working of a multi-plate clutch.
  15. What is the purpose of a centrifugal clutch and how does it work?
  16. Why do vehicles require gear ratios, and what are the different types of gearboxes?
  17. Explain the working principle of a sliding mesh gearbox.
  18. How does a propeller shaft and universal joint work in a vehicle?
  19. What are the types of rear axles used in automobiles?
  20. Describe the working and types of steering systems in vehicles.
  21. Discuss the types and working principles of suspension systems in automobiles.
  22. Explain the differences between leaf spring and coil spring suspension systems.
  23. What is the function of a telescopic shock absorber in a vehicle?
  24. Define the functions of brakes in an automobile and discuss the different types of brakes.
  25. How does an internal expanding brake work in a vehicle?
  26. Describe the working principle of a disc brake.
  27. What are the requirements for wheels in an automobile, and what are the different types of wheels?
  28. Discuss the types of tires used in vehicles (tubed, tubeless, cross-ply, radial ply).
  29. Explain the specifications of tires and their importance in vehicle performance.
  30. Describe common tire maintenance practices and methods for tire troubleshooting and repair.
  31. Explain FRAME and BODY
  32. Explain two stroke petrol and diesel engine.
  33. Explain four stroke petrol and diesel engine.