The laws of thermodynamics are:

1).Zeroth law of thermodynamics:

According to zeroth law of thermodynamics if a body A is a thermal equilibrium with body c & body B is also in thermal equilibrium with body C than body A and body B are also in thermal equilibrium.

2).first law of thermodynamics:

for a closed system undergoing a cycle net heat transfer is equal to net work transfer.

3).second law of thermodynamics:

3.1)kelvin-plank statement:

it is impossible to develop a cyclic device which produce work by exchanging heat with a single reservoir.

3.2)Clausius Statement:

it is impossible to develop a cyclic device which transfer heat from lower temperature to higher temperature without any energy input.

4).Third law of thermodynamics:

its states that when a system is at zero absolute temperature ,the entropy of the system is zero.

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